Week 2.

Keeping busy easy at kindergarten-we always have so much to learn and discover. All the many things we do during the day whether planned or incidental keep a smile on the children’s faces and provide endless oppertunities to learn at the same time. image


This week the children have shown a great interest in the concept of measurement.  We are in the process of learning what can be measured and about how to measure. To begin with the children measured how tall they were- then they discovered who was the shortest and who was the tallest. Height is now a new word in their  maths vocabulary.


During the week the children also discoverd that  a differnt type of  measuring is involved in cooking- volume and capacity 


One can never be to young to create your own style!



Welcome to term 4.

I hope you all enjoyed the holidays.It is now time however to get down to tackling the final term of the kindergarten year. I am positive it will be a busy and productive term but one filled with play and fun.As expected the children returned bursting with energy and full of excitement at seeing and reconnecting with their friends.



This term the children will begin learning simple measurements. We have already classifyed things as either Big or Little, Long or Short.The children will have plenty of oppertunities to order objects in different ways, using different attributes.Experimenting with real objects will help  them to understand measuring concepts. Our focus at present is length and height.

Our first measuring was done with non-standard units-means measuring things with blocks, pencils, hands, feet, etc. The children quickly mastered the golden rule that the items used to measure with are all the same size.



Enjoying the sunshine.sun

image image image



Edu Dance is every Tuesday so could your children please wear sports shoes and comfortable clothing.

Thank you.


Holidays Are Here.

We had so much fun at kindy this week and love being here but now it’s holiday time YIPPEE!

Who would ever think that doing a load of washing could bring so much joy and interest.

Enjoy the holidays and your children even more.

Term 4 -Tuesday 11th October.

Almost Holiday Time.



Time flies when your having fun but it is a different story when teaching the concept of time to kindy children.The children have been learning the days of the week and months of the year. Children love singing so every morning we sing the days of the week- learning is always fun when music or rhyme is involved. We are learning simple concepts such as day and night, morning, noon and night, yesterday, today and tomorrow. We will also cover a basic daily routine-wake up,breakfast, school morning tea…………It is however a hard concept for the children as time is not something the children can touch, feel or explore.






This week the children have been exploring their own shadows, along with shadows of other objects that they have found outside. We have been looking at and exploring how a shadow’s shape,size position and appearance change.

image image





Specially For Dad.

Happy Father’s Day.dad-to-be-clipart-1

This week the children have been very busy preparing for Father’s Day.On this day we celebrate the love and dedication of fathers, step fathers, guardians,father-in -law, uncles and grandfathers and thank them for being our teacher, carer, friend and role model.They have loved every minute of secretly making cards and gifts for Daddy or that special father figure in their life -whoever it may be. This special day provides the children with an oppertunity to express love and respect for their fathers. This sentiment goes a long way in strengthening a father-child relationship and consequently in the emotional development of a child.

Initial Sound Awareness.

This term the children have begun our Initial Sound Awareness Program and we are focusing on your child’s ability to isolate sounds that they hear on a daily basis. Children need to be able to isolate the beginning sound of a spoken word in order to understand, learn and remember letter sounds.Listening-Yes! You can teach a child to listen. The skill of listening is required for children to be better able to recognise sounds (phonemes) in words that they will be introduced to. The best way to teach beginning sound isolation is to model beginning sound isolation and we do this every morning during our mat session.It has been fun thinking of words that begin with our first sounds M L and S.

image image


Thinking Outside The Square.

Box Construction.chest-clipart-brown-box-md

This week the children have loved spending time in our DIY Store.The children have had plenty of time to explore, experiment and try out their ideas.Our aim this week was to guide the children to seek out specific pieces required to make a specific item (a robot) rather than to select and join items without necessarily planning or wishing to make anything.

Box construction provides opportunities for the children to explore scientific and mathematical concepts while they combine boxes and other craft materials together into three dimensional structures.As this process unfolds skills for problem solving, investigating, applying and reflecting on learning are developing.

Being imaginative and creative is fun.



Book WeekBooks-free-book-clip-art
Book Week is a great event for children to celebrate their love of reading, characters and authors.Our visit to the Fremantle Library for storytelling was both exciting and enjoyable.We walked to and from the library and the children’s behaviour was perfect.You all would have been so proud of your little darlings I know we all were!

image image image

Library Visit

A reminder that we have our excursion tomorrow to the Fremantle Library please dress your child in comfortable shoes for the walk. Due to our excursion we ask that your child not come in book week costumes .Thank you for your cooperation. We are looking forward to our first adventure 🤗

Library Visit.

On Wednesday 24th of August the kindy children and teachers will walk to the Fremantle Library  to celebrate Book Week 2016. We will spend an hour there between 10am – 11am. We are all very excited and are looking forward to our first BIG adventure.😊