The End.

Happy Last Day!

It has been a wonderful year at Kindy in 2016. Together the children have met and made new friends, got to meet their  teachers and enjoyed exploring and discovering through exploration and play.

Thank you so very much for sharing your beautiful children with us this year, and trusting them in our care! It has bought us complete joy to watch your children grow, and learn, and blossom into very capable little individuals.We have utterly enjoyed our time with all the children and families this year.






Have a wonderful, relaxing and safe summer holiday.








Jane, Daniella. Melanie XXX



Edu-Dance is a creative hip-hop dance program designed for primary school students.It provides children with the opportunity to be part of a fun and energetic dance program within the school community.

The program fulfills the Physical and Health outcome requirements for students and covers many other aspects such as coordination , musical appreciation and self-confidence, and gives many children the opportunity to experience the excitement of performing in front of an audience. Most importantly it is promoted as a program for fitness and fun.

Every Tuesday this term the children have had a thirty minute dance lesson and have had so much fun mastering some very tricky dance moves for their performance on concert night. You can have a sneak peek but thats all until the BIG night.




Short sleeve pyjamas-any colour.

Please bring to school before next Tuesday 29th November for dress rehearsal.

Thank you.


Hands ON.jug

Thinking, exploring, problem solving and observing!

This week the children have been exploring the concept of volume, size and capacity with just a few simple materials.By exploring, observing and figuring out the way things happen is a great way to learn. As well as learning about volume the children have had plenty of practice with their fine motor skills.It has been lots of fun comparing the size and capacity of various containers. Even when the containers overflowed it was a great opportunity to show what happens when the volume of water is greater than the volume of the container.The children have learnt

  • volume is the space a substance or object takes up
  • to notice similarities and differences
  • make comparisons




The children are getting very good with alphabet sounds and had fun drawing things that began with p.


The Magic Hat.


Our book this week was an all-time favourite The Magic Hat.The children were very creative and made some wonderful hats which they were able to wear when they went to the Year 2 classroom with the PP children to watch the the Melbourne Cup horse race. They all looked amazing and took their lucky horses with them.


The excitement of horse racing took over this week at kindy and we all made the most of it!






Reminder: Kindy hours

  • 8.30 drop off
  • 2.45 pick up


Social Skills

Handa’s Surprise

Our story this week Handa’s Surprise prompted the idea of shared fruit-and what a success.The children absolutely loved the variety of delicious fruits, crackers and cheeses served on trays.It was positive to see the social interaction and  conversation that such a simple gesture created. In fact we all enjoyed it so much that for the rest of the term we will continue shared fruit,so could everyone  please bring a piece of fruit daily.



As the year has progressed your children have made new friends, experienced the formation of relationships with their teachers and their peers and are all becoming little independent individuals.

One skill that we have focused on has been:

Can play independently or in a small group without needing to be constantly supervised.

This is so important for future learning  as children all learn in different ways and at different rates and no teacher can supervise every individual child all at the same time.As time progresses children will learn to work on their own without constant redirection-this will help your child to build a sense of accomplishment and a greater understanding that he/she is quite capable of doing things by themselves.




Most wonderful moment of the week when a little gentleman ( CASEY ) approached  Mrs DeFaria  and myself and proceeded to say

Excuse me ladies ……….

All we can say is what a wonderful way to be addressed especially from one so young.




A little late notice but this week our story is Handa’s Surprise– a little girl goes to the next village with a basket full of tropical fruits on her head, the animals she passes on her way take advantage of the opportunity.

So  we thought if everybody could bring in a couple of pieces of fruit we would like to cut it up and have shared morning fruit platters this week instead of our usual individual morning tea.

Thank you:)

Week 2.

Keeping busy easy at kindergarten-we always have so much to learn and discover. All the many things we do during the day whether planned or incidental keep a smile on the children’s faces and provide endless oppertunities to learn at the same time. image


This week the children have shown a great interest in the concept of measurement.  We are in the process of learning what can be measured and about how to measure. To begin with the children measured how tall they were- then they discovered who was the shortest and who was the tallest. Height is now a new word in their  maths vocabulary.


During the week the children also discoverd that  a differnt type of  measuring is involved in cooking- volume and capacity 


One can never be to young to create your own style!



Welcome to term 4.

I hope you all enjoyed the holidays.It is now time however to get down to tackling the final term of the kindergarten year. I am positive it will be a busy and productive term but one filled with play and fun.As expected the children returned bursting with energy and full of excitement at seeing and reconnecting with their friends.



This term the children will begin learning simple measurements. We have already classifyed things as either Big or Little, Long or Short.The children will have plenty of oppertunities to order objects in different ways, using different attributes.Experimenting with real objects will help  them to understand measuring concepts. Our focus at present is length and height.

Our first measuring was done with non-standard units-means measuring things with blocks, pencils, hands, feet, etc. The children quickly mastered the golden rule that the items used to measure with are all the same size.



Enjoying the sunshine.sun

image image image



Edu Dance is every Tuesday so could your children please wear sports shoes and comfortable clothing.

Thank you.